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Maison Ferrand launches Canerock, a Jamaican spiced rum!!

spice-infused rum created by Maison Ferrand. Distilled in Jamaica, the brand's packaging pays homage to its origins. Canerock is a spirit drink made from Jamaican molasses rum infused with natural spices. It is a creation of the House of Ferrand, a famous creator of spirits.


The rum is distilled in iron and column stills with a proportion of high-ester rums aged between 5 and 10 years. As for the spices, the vanilla beans come from Madagascar, the coconuts from the Caribbean, and the ginger from Jamaica. The whole batch is aged in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks for some time before bottling.


To evoke the spirit of Jamaican beaches, a turtle-shaped talisman made of beechwood features on the bottle’s facing. The hot stamped label was designed in-house and features turquoise accents on the bottle’s facing and neck.

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